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When is the mygovID app going to be fixed?

At present I am unable to verify my identity.

If I verify my licence first, I cannot verify my medicare card and if I verify my medicare card first I cannot verify my license.

These are my only two forms of acceptable identifications.

At this moment I am unable to log into the business portal because I am unable to obtain a MyGov ID.

Before I get answers about trying different methods, like reinstalling the app, changing my email address or trying to input my names differently, I've tried them all spending several hours on the issue.

Getting a MYGovID is easy they say. I say it's not and I should not have to spend hours of my time trying to obtain one.

Could someone please let me know when the app has fixed?


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If you've tried all the torubleshooting suggestions you should contact the help desk


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If you've tried all the torubleshooting suggestions you should contact the help desk


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I have been in touch with help desk on several occasions and even they can’t help me.

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Hi @Johanna


Thanks for your patience, sorry to hear you are still having issues.


As suggested by Biggiesmalls you will need to contact the help desk to assist you complete the registration process.






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I have contacted the help line on numerous occasions.

They have no answers and cannot help.

I believe the answer lies with the makers of the mygovid app.

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Hi @Johanna


Were you able to get this resolved?


If not, are you receiving an error code?  You have most likely tried the troubleshooting tips in the need help section on the myGovID site but the problem may also lie with the issuers of your licence and medicare cards having conflicting information about you. It can be as minor as having spaces in your name, special characters or middle names etc.


Let us know if this requires further investigation and we will see what we can do.


Thanks, Ari

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I have a similar problem when trying to create a myGovID account using my Medicare card.



I have a middle name. My Driver License displayes my complete name so all good with validating my identity with it.



My Medicare card displays only the first letter of my middle name. When trying to validate my identity in myGovID an error message is displayed saying that my name doesn't match.


What I have tried to resolve it?

I called your help desk multiple times and they recommended:

1. Validate my Medicare card before my Driver License in myGovID. DIDN'T WORK

2. For Medicare card validation write my complete middle name instead of the initial. DIDN'T WORK

3. Ask Medicare to re-issue my card displaying my complete middle name. I contacted Medicare and outcome was: too long names cannot be displayed in the card, there is a character limit and it is system enforced, so we cannot fix it.

4. Get another type on ID to get validated by myGovID. I'm only eligible to get Driver License or Medicare card 


In conclusion:

My middle name is the mismatch, Medicare card shows only first letter while Driver License shows my complete middle name. Medicare has my complete middle name in their system but they cannot print the complete name in the card because it is too long an their system doesn't allows it


How can I get my Medicare card validated by myGovID? Please don't answer reply "Contact help desk", I have wasted several hours already. Do you validate other documents manually? eg. International Passport












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Hi @raularrioja


So sorry, unfortunately I do not believe I will be able to offer more that what  AriH posted with that Need Help? option. If you haven't reviewed those I would certainly recommend it otherwise we are still waiting for more identity options to be made available at some future point.


Particularly check out:

What if I don't have the required documents to verify my identity? also re-check What if my Medicare card details are not accepted? The detail for options appear more extensive here than you have quoted.