Worried you’re missing part of your refund? Remember, the low and middle income tax offset isn’t a refund on its own – it’s used to offset (or reduce) the amount of tax you pay. The offset amount you may be entitled to is automatically applied and could range between $255-$1080, depending on things like your taxable income and how much tax you’ve paid.
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Re: Cash flow boost


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I am still waiting for mine too..I ring weekly but haev been told to be wait.   No need to write, no need to provide any additional information....just to wait.


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Hi @chad2020 @Justahillbillie @delrosa @janvi and @remonyan


We understand this is a difficult time and we apologise for the delay in calculating and crediting your cash flow boost. We’re currently working through a number of enquiries and we’re contacting those who we need further information from to confirm eligibility.


If we don’t need to contact you, any credits you’re entitled to will be applied to your account as soon as practical. You can monitor your account online to see if the credits have been applied.


Thanks for all your patience while we are working through this.


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Hi KylieATO,


There is still no sign of receiving this, so just wonder if there is a deadline of this payment? If I don't receive it by the end of June, from 01 July ATO will start processing the second round of payments in the new financial year, does this mean I will miss out completely?


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        I have the same concerns.

        Is there still a backlog in processing elligible businesses?

        and, what happens afetr 1 july if we haven't received it by then?




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The only option for me since they also put my job keeper for further review is to release my employees to Job seeker. I'm tired of making followup and receiving promises that escalation has been done after confirming my eligibility


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So I meet all the eligibility criteria and now the ATO is asking me to supply all of the below. Between getting all of this info together and phone call time to the ATO this is taking me hours. I can see why people would give up:


  • In relation to your business, detail:
  • the nature of the services you provide
  • the tasks undertaken in conducting your business
  • the location of your business premises.
  • In relation to the agreement with employer, provide:
  • an explanation of why you were required to seek his services
  • an explanation of the services actually provided
  • state the dates on which he provided you his services.


  • Certificate of business registration.
  • If you conduct your business from your residential premises provide the relevant council approvals issued to you.
  • Relevant documentation that demonstrates that you actively seeking work from the public.
  • In relation to the three largest clients for the income years ended 30 June 2019 and 2020, provide:
  • provide all invoices issues to these clients (ensure that the client details are clearly stated)
  • the bank statements that demonstrate the receipt of these invoice payments.


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The waiting times have been absolutely atrocious!


Like the rest of the posters, we have been waiting for ours since the 28th of April. 


We escalated the matter on the 30th of April, and still no end in sight to this. On the 4th of June we got a request for further info and an email address to send it to, which we did, but so far - dead silence.


The most annoying thing is there is nobody to actually talk to (and explain the matter to), and there is no indication of the time frame whatsoever. The 20 business days' service standard the call centre give you isn't adhered to - count how many business days there were between the 30th of April and the 4th of June.


I appreciate that there is a backlog, and that they are doing all they can, but I really think this is poor organisation and execution on the part of the ATO.


Frankly, I feel they should have notified all those businesses via email in advance if they were not going to pass some sort of 'automatic' system criteria, and that if the businesses believed otherwise, they needed to email at X or call on Y.


We still hold out the hope of some day hearing back, but for the time being we have essentially given up.


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You may find this **bleep** relevant to your situation:


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Depending on when you file your BAS, you may be excluded from the Cash Flow Boost unfortunately.