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Re: Extension of the JobKeeper payment — what businesses and employers need to know


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Hi ATO Team,


I am a sole trader that has been receiving JobKeeper payments since the start of the scheme.


I successfully enrolled for the Extension 1 period on 17th November, however I have not received any payments yet (Fortnight 14-15 payment).


In my declaration, I have satisfied the turnover test of 30% in the September 2020 quarter, compared to last year.


Can you please advise on what I can do to follow up these payments, as I have already begun to claim for payment fortnights 16-17.


If it helps, I can also provide the Transaction IDs for the missing payments.


Thank you for your help.


Kind Regards,



ATO Community Support

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Hello @JJGao


Welcome to ATO Community Smiley Happy


You may need to double check that you have done all of the following:


If you have done all of the above and still haven't received your JobKeeper payment, you may need to contact us by phone so we can check your account.


Have a great day Smiley Happy





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Thank for the information. But, Besides I have folowing question:-

  1. If these extentions are not legislated by 31st March how do we proceed with new employee eligibility?
  2. I have one staff became eligible with extended date, should I proceed with her payements?
  3. From where can we find out if the extentions has been legislated?

ATO Community Support

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Hi @jyaden,


The JobKeeper extensions were passed in legislation before the extension was brought into effect. You can read about it in Coronavirus Economic Response Package (Payments and Benefits) Rules 2020 and in Coronavirus Economic Response Package Omnibus Act 2020.


JobKeeper is set to finish on 28th March 2021. There is no further extension on this date.


To be eligible, and employee must meet the 1 July test and the fortnight test for each fortnight they claim for. This has not changed since the 1 July test was brought in in July.


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The jobkeeper phase 2, need to include those who have been with company’s for 12 months AS OF the new start date. Not July 2020.

Former Community Support

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Hi @Lauren-12


Employee's will still need to satisfy either the 1 March 2020 test or the 1 July 2020 test. Therefore a long term casual employee is someone who is employed on a regular and systematic basis during the 12 -month period that ended 1 March or 1 July.


All the best!


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I have read the page to which you refer, and see now that we dont need to do anything to continue to be registered, except qualifying on the basis of reduction in turnover.