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JobKeeper - Multiple Employers



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I am a long term casual employee (3 years of employment) of an eligible employer, I am have another job (internship) which is on a fixed employment contract for 9 months with an employer who is not eligible to claim JobKeeper.


From my understanding my fixed term employment is not considered permanent employment (see link below). 'Fixed term employees are different to permanent employees who are employed on an ongoing basis until the employer or employee ends the employment relationship'


My employer from my long-term casual job is registering for JobKeeper am I eligible to receive the $1500 payment for my long term casual job?


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Hi @Sammy2, @G_g, @DAMP1310, @GRAD, @aek, and @TimS


Thanks for reaching out to us.


Firstly, it is important to note that the legislation administered by us is created by Parliament. The Treasury is responsible for policy and legislation design while our role is to administer it. While we may have some influence to ensure that new laws can be implemented, we don’t decide on what gets passed by Parliament.


For more information about how laws are made and the ATO and Treasury roles, you can check out our website.


We understand where everyone is coming from with regards to the multiple employers/casual employment question. It can be confusing and stressful. Based on our current information, here are four scenarios to help explain which employer you can receive the JobKeeper payment through:


Scenario 1: 2 jobs – 1 permanent employer and 1 casual employer:


Only your permanent employer will be able to claim JobKeeper Payment for you. Your casual employer won’t be able to claim it. If your permanent employer isn’t eligible to claim the payment, you won’t be eligible either. In turn, we suggest that you check out some of the other COVID-19 measures, e.g. early release of super.


Scenario 2: 2 jobs – Both casual employers:


If you are a long-term casual with at least one of your employers, they will be able to claim the JobKeeper Payment for you if they are eligible too. If you receive nominations from both employers, you must choose which one you want to get the payment from. If neither employer is eligible, you won’t be eligible either.


Scenario 3: 2 jobs – Both permanent employers:


This scenario is very similar to scenario 2. You can only get the JobKeeper Payment from one of your employers. If you are an eligible employee with both employers and you receive a nomination from both, only one of them can claim it for you.


Scenario 4: 2 jobs – 1 casual employer and 1 fixed-term contract:


A fixed-term contact is treated differently to a permanent or long-term casual job. If you're a fixed term contractor at 1 March and also a long-term casual, you can only choose to nominate through your fixed-term contract employer, not your casual employer. If the fixed-term contract is renewed before 27 September 2020, you will continue to be eligible for JobKeeper Payment under that employer. If you fixed-term contract isn’t renewed before 27 September 2020, you will likely cease being eligible for the JobKeeper Payment.


For further information about the JobKeeper Payment for employees with multiple employers, have a look at our website.


We hope you found this information helpful. Good luck with it all.


Thanks, ChrisR

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Hi @Sammy2 

You can check with you are an Eligible employee and then talk to your employer.



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Thanks for your response, but it was not useful and also not answering my question. 


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Hi @Sammy2 I'm going to check on this and get back to you as soon as I can. 



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@NicolaATO, thank you very much!



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@NicolaATO I was wondering if there is any update on this? It seems like there are more and more people in the same situation as me and given the current circumstances we would appreciate clarification as soon as possible.


My casual employer believes I am an eligible employee under the Jobseeker scheme and has requested for me to return to work this week. For obvious reasons I would like to clarify my eligibility before returning to work. 


Many thanks 



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@NicolaATO - Can you also please clarify, as this has been asked many times with no clear response: 


If an employee has BOTH

  • Permanent employment
    • Business HAS NOT been effected by Covid, and is NOT elgiible for Jobkeeper - will not be applying.
  • Casual employment 
    • Business HAS been affected by Covid, and IS elgiible for Jobkeeper, all employees have been stood down.


Are employees in this scenario eligible through their casual employer? 


At the top of the Notification form it states: 

"Only one employer or eligible business can receive the JobKeeper payment for you. If you have multiple employers, you must choose a permanent employer. If you are a long‐term casual employee that is eligible with no permanent employer, you can nominate your casual employer."


However under the eligibility dot points it states you are agreeing through nomination that: 

"if you are a casual employee as mentioned above, you are not permanently employed by any other employer, or you are only employed by any other employer on a casual basis."


The two points are not clear?? Are employees elgiible in the above scenario or ineligible??





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Hi DAMP, although you should wait for ATO clarification, to my understanding you won't be eligible for the payment. Because you have a permanent employer, regardless if they are eligible for the payment or have/haven't applied for it, you won't be able to claim the payments. In my scenario, and everyone else in this forum thread, we are unsure whether our second employer (an internship) counts as permanent employment. We work full time hours but are on temporary contracts. 



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I think you will find that if you have permanent employment that is ongoing (not on a fixed term contract), even if that permanent employer is ineligible you will not receive JobKeeper. Even if you earn the majority or an equal amount of income from your casual position. 


This thread is about clarifying whether a fixed-term contract counts as permanent or not and whether we can claim through our casual jobs - otherwise we will be in the same boat as you.



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Hi, I am also in a similar situation. Could we get clarification to this scenario? Thanks.