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JobKeeper, Sole trader, no BAS, and 2019 not lodged (due May 2020)

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Hi @MelB, @hellothere, @MC1, @ebird, @sksaunders and @Glen_yo


Thanks to everyone for reaching out to us.


@ebird is correct. We have now updated our information around what discretion we have for businesses that have more time to lodge. You can find that information on the sole traders and other entities page on our website.


We are aware that the JobKeeper Payment enrolment form doesn't reflect this and are currently working on getting that changed. Keep your eyes on our forum and website as we expect to have some updated information about that soon.


Good luck with it all.


Thanks, ChrisR


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Same question here regarding a late lodgement of FY18/19 tax return.

My wife started her business as a sole trader early last year and didn't lodge her first tax return till this week. Actually she have been trying to link her ATO account to myGov but its always shown as insufficient identification and told my wife to call ATO.

Here came into a problem my wife is deaf and speech impaired so she can never make a phone call.  

I am wondering if there will be more exemption for the late lodgement to those have extreme differeniculties in do tax return.



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Hi @MelB @Roxy58 @Glen_yo @EddieChan  


Apologies for the delay in responding, we do understand this is a difficult and confusing time.


We have recently updated our website with additional information to apply for the Commissioner’s discretion in regards to the lodgment requirement for sole traders, and a link to the application form.


I hope this helps and thank you all for your patience and understanding, SueO


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Hi Chris from the ATO, 


Thanks for the reply. That is great news.  To clarify, should we be applying for our clients in this situation (those who have until after 12 March 2020 to lodge) even though the wording has not been updated? Or wait until the wording correctly reflects this change?


Thanks again, MelB 


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thanks for the response has there been any news here?

the form is still not updated to reflect any changes but I notice I can't nominate for the month of March anymore which is worrying 




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Hi Glen_yo, I ended up calling the ATO this week and was advised to enrol (despite the wording not being updated).  Hope this helps, MelB 


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So as a registered tax agent, I've enrolled all of my eligible clients.  But still lodging tax returns for some - I had applied for extensions due to ill health (mine).  Is there something else I have to do to ensure they receive their job keeper payments and cash flow boost?