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Re: JobKeeper monthly declaration reporting date


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Read it again. "at the beginning of this thread someone asked a really simple question. When can you lodge the declaration for the next lot of jobkeeper. Not one of the answers actually answered this question"

You assert that the person wasn't asking when she can lodge, that the question was "when this is due every month".


Ahh, No, the question actually was "When can you lodge the declaration"


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@Saxier1- do yourself a favour and read the original poster's question - which I quoted with "when this is due every month". The original poster even said we answered it... Nitanita got it wrong, and then you grabbed what Nitanita wrote without actually reading the thread.


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Yes, and my response was to Nitanita, not you, confirming that I had a similar experience.


At no stage have I even referred to you or whoever it is you claim to represent. If you have solved some issue for Nitanita, then congratulations, suggest you do yourself a favour and direct your valuable time to something more important than your incessant blogs.


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Hi Guys


For some reason, we haven't lodged our monthly jobkeeper declaration from 01 August, is that too late for us to declare it now - more than 2 months? We have been paying the employees as required. 


Thank you


ATO Community Support

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As long as you are enrolled by the end of the month you wish to claim for, we may still accept your declaration for a month that has passed.


In order to complete the declaration, you'll need to contact us.


For future months, keep in mind your declaration is due by the 14th of the following month.


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ear all companies who are eligible for Jobkeeper:


I urge you to recheck your Business Portal urgently on the Oct declaration for Jobkeeper. 


Dated 01 Nov, 0845 am, I made the declaration for the month of Oct and receive a receipt number to say that I have successfully lodged.


Dated 04 Nov 0600am, Feeling amiss, I lodged in and check the system again. I tried the declare button and re-declare the month of Oct (ps: which you will not normally do once you lodged the first time). It gives me another receipt number. I keep trying and eventually, the system said that "it is already declared".


Till date, no money is sighted and it is a mystery to what happen on 01 Nov. I have very high suspicion that ATO has a flawed system created for Jobkeeper 2.0 which will cause eligible companies to re-declare several times, before you can get the money. This also mean that you need to wait more days (NOT the usual 4 working days). If you do not check, you may not get the money at all. Hope this helps many companies out there.


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Here is an offcial information about due date with a detailed explanation