On 21 July the government announced proposed changes to the JobKeeper program. These changes don’t affect Jobkeeper payments until after 28 September 2020.

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Re: JobKeeper monthly declaration reporting date


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Read it again. "at the beginning of this thread someone asked a really simple question. When can you lodge the declaration for the next lot of jobkeeper. Not one of the answers actually answered this question"

You assert that the person wasn't asking when she can lodge, that the question was "when this is due every month".


Ahh, No, the question actually was "When can you lodge the declaration"



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@Saxier1- do yourself a favour and read the original poster's question - which I quoted with "when this is due every month". The original poster even said we answered it... Nitanita got it wrong, and then you grabbed what Nitanita wrote without actually reading the thread.



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Yes, and my response was to Nitanita, not you, confirming that I had a similar experience.


At no stage have I even referred to you or whoever it is you claim to represent. If you have solved some issue for Nitanita, then congratulations, suggest you do yourself a favour and direct your valuable time to something more important than your incessant blogs.