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Re: Jobkeeper payments for FN03 - made before the end of the fortnight



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Yes I thought about that too and it makes sense. Thanks!


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Check out their frequentatly asked questions....  


Question: What if my pay cycles do not correspond with JobKeeper fortnights? Do I have to change my pay cycles?

Answer: You are not required to change your pay cycles to correspond with JobKeeper fortnights. What is important is that you pay your employees at some time during the JobKeeper fortnight.

However, if you usually pay your employees less frequently the payment can be allocated between fortnights in a reasonable manner. For example, if you pay your employees on a monthly cycle, you will still be entitled to receive a JobKeeper payment if your employees received the monthly equivalent of $1,500 per fortnight.


I would take this to be... if you pay weekly, and it occurs the same time each week, then it will be fine. Really they will then still be getting the $1,500 per fortnight. They just want to ensure no one is short changing their employees.


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Hi @B_S ,

Thanks for reaching out to our Community.

@JessicaRose has provided the correct information from our FAQs in her response, thank you.

I hope this helps you and @ChristineCD and @rogerwilco78, SueO