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Re: Receive new JK 2.0 rules as soon as they are released

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We both agree people have the right to remain anonymous. If posters are helpful, accurate and courteous they are welcome to be part of this community. Let’s agree to let people be and continue to focus on responding to the posts. Being anonymous we can’t say who they are or where they are from or what time they are spending here. All I know is I am very grateful to them for sharing their expertise and knowledge to help make the community work 😊


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That is great...  its so good to see that the ATO still holds all its values and its staff are always above reproach ... 


Keep up the good work ATO !!!!   



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Hi @KatieAcacia


Thanks again for this thread and your contributions to our forum.


For anyone else who lands on this thread, we have added some information to our website about the changes to the current JobKeeper scheme for JobKeeper fortnight 10 onwards (from 3 August 2020). Have a look at the JobKeeper Payment section of our website for more information.


These changes mean employers already enrolled in JobKeeper may be able to receive JobKeeper for more of their employees. This is due to the introduction of the 1 July 2020 eligible employee test. You can find out more about the employee test requirements on our website.


Further announcements by the Government regarding the extension to the JobKeeper Payment program are subject to the passage of legislation. These changes will not impact JobKeeper payments until after September 28 2020 and guidance will be provided in due course.

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Hi @KatieAcacia,


Thank you for your contributions to the ATO Community online forum.


We have some new information about the extension of the Jobkeeper Payment that you can have a look at on our ATO website. Also, the Treasury website's PDF on Jobkeeper extension has been updated (now as at 10 August 2020).


Please keep in mind that the changes that are due to start from 28 September 2020 are still only proposals but will take effect from the date once legislated. We expect to have more information once it has been legislated, so keep an eye on our website for updates.