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Re: Still receiving money on mhy super account months after leaving Australia

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I have come back to my country months ago and my visa expired in May.

I would like to claim my super back but I see that I am still receiving money on my super account, the last one a few days ago, and directly from the ato instead of my ex employer.

How can I know if I am still due to receive money on my account before claiming it? What does it happen if I claim it before more money will be send to my super account? Will I lose it?


p.s. Is there a way to talk with someone via email instead of over the phone seen the big time zone difference in case?


Thank you


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Hi @Clax85


Welcome to our Community.


When you see that your super fund has received a payment from us, we may have been holding that super for a number of reasons. Super held by us includes amounts paid by employers, other super providers or the government on your behalf.


If you a former eligible temporary resident visa holder, it is unlikely that it would have been super paid to us by another super provider. In saying that, it could be if you had previously worked in Australia on a different eligible temporary resident visa.


In all likelihood this payment was made by us on behalf of your employer. They may have been late with their super guarantee (SG) payments or they may have made the payment via our Small Business Super Clearing House (SBSCH).


For more information about this, check out the paying super contributions page on our website.


Regardless of the reason, we recommend that you get in touch with your former employer to find out how much super they have paid to us. Depending on what they advise, the most recent super payment we made may have been the last one.


If your employer indicates that they are still making payments to us or to your super fund, it is up to you as to whether you submit a departing Australia super payment (DASP) claim now or later. If you apply now, you can submit a second application later.


Submitting a DASP claim now doesn't mean that you will miss out on any future super that your former employer is yet to pay.


For more information about DASP and how to apply, refer to the departing Australia superannuation payment (DASP) page on our website.


If you require assistance with your DASP claim, our contact details (including the DASP email address) can be located towards the bottom of the help with the DASP online application system page.


If you contact your former employer but still require more information about the payment we made, you will need to give us a call.


Hope this helps.





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