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Re: Using Kiwisaver for FHSS



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You cannot withdraw a single cent from kiwisaver towards first home in Australia. I know it's a shame and it delayed our plan to buy a house in Australia too but we got one now.

After i found out the above, i decided to keep my kiwisaver in NZ with Simplicity and i get much better returns and less than half the fee compared to Australian super providers


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Hi Victoria,


Glad to hear you are making the move across the ditch and welcome across Smiley Happy


The link on the ATO website has just been updated to the one bellow and about a quarter of the way down is the section about Kiwisaver rollovers. Generally speaking the rules are quite similar to Australian made contributions, voluntary contributions made by you and your partner (into your own respective accounts) should be eligible while mandated employer contributions would not. You can have a look at the link for a full list, alternatively the ATO can be contacted from overseas contact information.**TFN removed**35958


I would also recomend that you speak to both the outgoing and incoming superfunds and ensure they can transmit the information about this breakdown. Without it, the Australian fund may have difficult discerning the different contribution types.


Hope this helps Smiley Happy


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Hi @kiwi_sam,


I can aprecitate it has been some time since your original enquiry. However, after a recent review I would like to confirm KiwiSaver and other foreign fund transfer amounts are eligible for calculating your maximum FHSS release. 


Importantly, when looking to utilise your KiwiSaver funds you should be aware that the following contributions are not eligible for release:


  • Super guarantee (SG) contributions made by your employer
  • Mandated employer or member contributions made for you under an award, industrial agreement
  • Member contributions made for you by your spouse, parent or other friends or family
  • Amounts you receive under a contributions-splitting arrangement
  • Government co-contributions
  • Contributions under a structured settlement or personal injury order
  • Amounts contributed to super as part of the small business CGT concessions
  • Amounts transferred from a KiwiSaver scheme that are Australian-sourced amounts or returning New Zealand-sourced amounts
  • Applicable fund earnings from a foreign fund transfer that you elect to include in the receiving fund’s assessable income.


Once your funds have been transferred, you can find information about how to access these funds on the ATO Applying to release your savings page and you may also find our First Home Super Saver Scheme FAQs helpful.






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So what happens to the people who have bought their house and lost on because the policy wasn't mature?

Can they still get it out by backdating it?


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Hi @kiwi_sam,


Understandably, its very frustrating when the rules are changed.


As I am sure you are aware we only administer the law and currently we have not received any information regarding backdating.


Check with your local federal member of parliament to see if there is anything happening with this topic.






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Hi Mark,

Thanks for this detailed answer - I’ve been reading this thread over the last few weeks and have a few further questions as my wife and I look to see whether it’s possible for us to utilise FHSS with KiwiSaver.

My interpretation of the ATO certified response is that employee contributions made to KiwiSaver (which as the original poster stated are the equivalent of ‘voluntary’ contributions) are eligible for withdrawal.

My question is around the dates with which these contributions would be considered for release. Would they be assessed based on the date of the funds entering an accepting Australian super provider account, or the date the original contribution was made in NZ?

Also, how would this impact the yearly cap on withdrawals under FHSS?

Any help much appreciated.



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Hi a_d_g


The kiwisaver amount would count as a contribution on the date it's transferred into an Australian super account. There's no reporting of when amounts were originally paid into the kiwisaver account.


When you say 'yearly cap on withdrawals' I assume you're talking about the cap of $15,000 of contributions that counts towards the maximum release amount of $30,000 under the scheme. The kiwisaver transfer would count as a contribution in the financial year in which it's transferred. Eg if you transfer $20,000 from a kiwisaver scheme in 2019-20, and you also make $5,000 of personal contributions in 2019-20, only $15,000 of the total $25,000 contribution would count towards the amount that can be released under FHSS. Whereas if you transfer the $20,000 in 2018-19 and make the $5,000 contribution in 2019-20 you'd have $15,000 from 2018-19 plus $5,000 from 2019-20 eligible to be released.


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