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Access or carry on with Aus Super - not living in Australia

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Im loooking for some guidence on a Super question. I was living in Australia for approx 8/9 years, 4 of those under the 456 visa. I was also married to my UK partner was firstly a permenant Aus resident, then a citizen. After the inital 4 years of being on the 456 visa i also was a permenet resident via marridge. Unfortunately we are now in the process of getting a divorce, and I'm living in the UK.


My question is this. Can i A) move my super out, via the idea of the super company sending a cheque, and I would be taxed at this 38%, or B) can i carry on paying into the super and pay Aus tax as usual per year?


Any info would be really helpful,




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Hi @koolerking.,


We are very sorry that it has taken so long to provide you with a response.

Can you please advise if you still need information on this matter?