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Re: COVID-19 support - JobKeeper payment

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That is eactley right i have employees wondering why i am not doing in from now  I have explained i would need 550,000 in Cash to bank roll it untill they remburst me , and that is if it is done in time as well.


I dont know why the Goverment does not  deposit the money directley to the Employers account  In stead of ussing us Like a bank


NZ had the Right idea depositing it in the Employoors account First to pay from  not to in arias  




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Jobkeeper reimbursement 


I have a casual employee she works an average of 4 hours a week aprox 

some weeks not at all other weeks 5 or 6 hours 

my business is very small she has worked for me for 15 months 

I would need to redraw from my mortgage to pay the jobkeeper payment 

my turnover in March was almost the same but so far this month (April I'm down over 50%) 

I am able to produce profit and loss basic reports to reflect this there's also my appointment book aswell 

I'm just so worried as there only asking for a deceleration I'd rather be able to send all my evidence in I can't afford to pay it if I'm not reimbursed 

mite also is so far above her normal earnings but it appears to be a flat rate? 


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Fortnight application 

when I went online to register it also looks like it's asking downturn for fortnightly periods 

are we able to just reapply each fourtnight that we are effected? 
that would suit me as I can't see into the future 🤷‍♀️
and don't want to make a mistake 

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Hi @Alpop56


Thanks for your reply.


If your business meets the eligible employer requirements and your employee meets the eligible employee requirements as outlined on our website, your business can claim the JobKeeper Payment. If you choose to enrol for the JobKeeper payment, you will need to nominate all eligible employees.


Whether this employee can refuse to come to work is a question best directed at the Fair Work Ombudsman. In turn, we recommend that you have a look at the JobKeeper changes to the Fair Work Act page on the Fair Work website.


Hope this helps.


Thanks, ChrisR


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I need some advice on an employee and weather she is entitled to JobKeeper.


She is a casual but has been working with us since 01 July 2018.  She did take a period of time pre-negotiated off with us from the 19th  March 2019 - 17th of September 19 to focus on her studies before returning to her regular role. She has advised me that during that period she did take paid employment with someone else doing casual work a couple of shifts a week. Upon returning on the 17th of September 2019, she has returned to her previous regular weekly shifts until the present date.


As she has taken a period of time away and has not broken contract with us, is she still eligible?


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If we apply Jobkeeper payment for eligible business participant who do not receive wages or salary instead receiving dividends as a shareholder or distribution as a trust beneficiary.


To qualify for the payments, we also need to make the 2 fortnight (30/3-12/4/20 & 13/4 -26/4/2020) payments by 30 Apr 2020.


What is the correct way to pay the shareholder or trust beneficay as a nominatee of jobkeeper payment?


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I have recieved the JobKeeper enrolment form in the buisness portal, however whilst I have been running the same business for over 2 years, it changed from a partnership to a soletrader less than 12 months ago.  I also have a casual regular ongoing employee of 2 years.  In both cases I believe I can substantiate any alternate test as set by ATO, however the current enrolment form requires me to declare that I had an assesseable income in the 2018/2019 tax year.  


My question is - Do I complete the current enrolment form & declare yes to all the eligbility questions as I beleive I will meet the alternate test at a later date?  Or will there be a different enrolment form sent out to sole traders less than 12 months once the alternate test is available?  

I'm new

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Our payroll fortnights are not aligned with the JobKeeper fortnights. 

23/03/20 - 05/04/20 = $750 (JobKeeper included in this f/n)

06/04/20 - 19/04/20 = $1500 (JobKeeper included in this f/n)

20/04/20 - 03/05/20 = $1500 (JobKeeper included in this f/n - $750 for April)

We will have physically paid $2250 by 30/04/20, however, the $750 for the week 20/02/20 - 26/02/20 will physically be paid in May although it has accrued to the employee in April.

We are unable to change our payroll fortnight - is this going to be a problem that physically $3,000 has not be paid by 30/04/20.


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I think I am a bit confused with these JobKeeper payments. As I understand it the federal government will be making payments (to me the employer) sometime in the first week May, for backdating to the 31st or March. Can I wait until this government payment hits my business account, before I distribute this to my eligible employees (that I have enrolled for the payment)…. Or did I need to be paying these eligible employees $1500 per fortnight since 31 March out of my own business account and then when the JobKeeper payment comes to me I simply keep it, making our transaction even. 


I find this second option potentially alarming, especially if your business has been closed due to Covid 19 for the month of April with no revenue coming in and potentiallly an outlay of $60,000 (for 20 eligible staff members) is requiered before any JobKeeper funding hits your account. Is this correct? If so how can a business do this if they are already without any revenue streams.


Secondly, if it is the second option, as I the individual, am claiming the JobKeeper payment under ‘director’ status, should I have been paying myself from our business account $1500 per fortnight since 31 March as well.


And finally, my wife who has her own seperate busines (sole trader / no employees) and claiming JobKeeper payment through her sole trader business, did she need to be paying herself from her business account $1500 per fortnight since 31 March. 


Thank you for your help.


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I am a sole trader that is not registered for GST


I submited my tax for 18-19 one month after the seeminly random jobkeeper threshhold date of the 12th of march.


Below is from the ATO website. And I am wondering if that makes me ineligible for the jobkeeper payments. It is quite ambigious stating a threshold date, then directly contradicting that saying there is discretion to allow further time. Will that discretion apply to those who had no obligation to submit their 18/19 tax before 12th of March? "Available soon" is nice, can I tell my landlord my rent is "available soon"


"it satisfied certain conditions as at 12 March 2020, being  

  • it had an ABN on 12 March 2020, and
  • it had lodged, on or before 12 March 2020, at least one of  
    • a 2018–19 income tax return showing that it had an amount included in its assessable income in relation to it carrying on a business, or
    • an activity statement or GST return for any tax period that started after 1 July 2018 and ended before 12 March 2020 showing that it made a taxable, GST-free or input-taxed sale.
  • Note: A discretion to give further time after 12 March 2020 may apply in limited circumstances. More information will be available soon."


Alot of people in the media industry are in the same boat and left feeling uncertain,


Looking forward to your response,