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Crypto question (another)

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Hey another crypto question. So say back in 2013/14 you mined all kinds of random coins, fast forward to present day after years of making around 10000+ trades across 20+ exchanges (most don't exist anymore) got conned into ponzi schemes, hacked, gambled, shapeshifted, were gifted and gave away coins. You now find yourself with a significant amount of $$$ which you want to cash out and buy yourself an overpriced property with.

How are we supposed to declare such activity? We could pull some records of trades from sites that still exists but we can't account for the majority of our activity. I would love to pay my taxes fairly but its seems like the ATO is making it so difficult you are driving people to think of alternative methods. For instance the UK only cares about cash value when it leaves your account till its back into your bank, not this ridiculous rule about every trade.

I appreciate this is all very new territory for all involved but I don't think the ATO understand what many people have been up to with crypto the last few years. Can anyone from the ATO confirm if the current rules are being reviewed? I imagine there are many others who can resonate with the above scenario....