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Does working holiday maker eligible to be resident of tax purpose?

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Okay. It may be what they are waiting on also.


Enthusiast Registered Tax Practitioner

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No, they are not. I know what they’re waiting on but cannot publicly post this.

Will share outcome once we know.


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Hi is there any updates about this matter?

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Second hearing is 19 October.

We have since successfully lodged a number of backpackers as residents for tax purposes (not eligible for tax-free threshold and taxed as per part 3&4 of schedule 7 of Income Tax Rates Act 1986). We’ve also amended residency status for a number of backpacker clients.

If the backpacker meets either the resides test as per TR98/17 or 183 days test as per s. 6(1) of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936, the person should be deemed resident regardless of visa status.

Will update this as soon as we’ve got a decision.


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Hi Taxably

Just a follow up with this matter, is there a decision has been made?

Thanks and happy new year

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Hi Joe,

No, we’ve been waiting for nearly a year now for a decision to be made on the AAT residency matter.

I’ve had positive outcomes to residency amendments and objections though, so it’s still possible.