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Re: Final JobKeeper payments

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Last year was an extremely challenging year and we’re hoping that 2021 will see Australian businesses getting back to doing what they do best - business.

If you’re a business receiving JobKeeper payments in relation to your employees, make sure you’ve paid your employees the correct amounts by 28 March 2021. You’ll also need to complete your monthly business declaration for March by 14 April 2021.

If you still need support, there are a range of ongoing programs that you may be eligible for, such as:

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or head to for more information.

Here’s to a brighter year ahead.


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My husband hasn’t needed Jobkeeper for a few months now, so hasn’t been claiming any Jobkeeper Payments. But the month of March, his turnover saw a 50% decline. When he logs into Jobkeeper Online to lodge for March, it won’t let him proceed any further then last years Oct/Nov/Dec. How does he just claim for March? 

Thankyou for your help.

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Hiya @rockchik1111,


To be eligible for the Jan - Mar period of JobKeeper, you needed to satisfy the actual decline in turnover test. The test period for Jan - Mar was the Dec quarter. If your husband didn't have a decline in turnover in this period, and doesn't meet any of the alternative test scenarios, his business won't be eligible for JobKeeper in March.


JobKeeper extension 2.

Alternative test.


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Is there a delay with the March job keeper payments? It's never been this late 


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Yeah I know it's says it was processed on the 2 April . But my bank account isn't showing a deposit...


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Hi @Toppi87 & @Brian147,


Much like the previous JobKeeper (JK) payments, the final payment should issue within 5 business days after the monthly declaration is processed. However, this may take longer if any additional checks need to be done or if there any errors on the form, and this is also the same as  the previous JK payments.


@Brian147, if the form was processed on the 2nd April then the payment should be received today, keeping in mind the above information Smiley Happy