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Flood support options

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If you’ve been affected by the extreme weather conditions across New South Wales, please stay aware of your surroundings and follow advice from state emergency services.

If you’re worried about your tax obligations during this time, we can work with you to keep things afloat by:

  • giving you extra time to lodge tax forms like activity statements
  • helping you find your lost tax file number after verifying your identity
  • re-issuing tax returns, activity statements and notices of assessment
  • helping you reconstruct lost or damaged tax records
  • prioritising any refunds you are owed
  • setting up a payment plan tailored to your circumstances, including an interest-free period
  • remitting penalties or interest charged during the time you have been affected.

To find out more about these options, leave a comment below or visit Dealing with disasters

We’re here to help. Let’s weather the storm together.