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Re: How to link taxfile number to mygov if I'm living outside of Australia and if this is the first

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After I got my permanent residency, I came to the Australia and stayed there only for 2 weeks and I came back to my home country. Now it's been full one year from the date I received the PR.

I wanted to submit "non-lodgement advice" as I'm not earning in my home country as well, but the "mygov" returns an error ("Ineligible to Link") when I tried to link the "ATO" as I'm submitting for the first time. Further, I went through the following link, but it states to call 13 28 61 number to get the "linking code". But since I live outside the Australia, It's impossible to call that number. Is there any other international number or anyother way to get the "linking code"? I have all the evidence with me. Furthermore, I won't be able to come to Australia for another four or five months. So, If I couldn't get the linking code on time, I won't be able to submit the "non-lodgement advice". What should I do?



P.S -- ok I managed to call that number ... now they are asking to select the following


progress about the lodgement/ lost super anuation - press 1
apply to refund credit - press 2
arangement to pay - press 3
order forms or publications- press 4


I want the linking code. What number should I press? 1? I don't understand


P.S: after I press 1, they asked me for TFN then they say they can't find a record and asking how did I lodge it. Of course d.a.m.n it, I didn't lodge it, I just need the linking code to do it. WT heck? Cant they make this little bit easier for the people who submit it first time? I still don't know what to press .. does anybody know?



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