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Farewell …


The site’s existing navigation is now two years old and has reached the limits of its usefulness.  The ‘old’ menu (black bar - top left) only showed categories and not boards.  Category pages (eg: Tax) used ‘tiles’ to show boards, but only showed three boards even when we had more boards for that category.  The sidebar list of categories and boards was not available on all pages and was starting to get quite long.  There was no easy way to get an overview of the whole site.

Now showing …


So, the black bar at the top of the screen has been simplified.  The top left menu has gone, the category/board tiles are gone, and the sidebar menu has gone!

The new, improved navigation menu sits below the header bar and it’s global across the site.  It reflects the same style we use on our main informational site – – and makes it much easier to move from one discussion board to another.  

We’ve also added a sitemap page (link in the footer) to provide a better overview of the whole site.


We’d love to hear from you!  If you can suggest improvements, notice problems or encounter difficulties, please let us know by please posting your feedback on our bugs and issues discussion group.

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