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One month left to lodge - ask me anything!

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Hi! Thanks for your interest in our first live “Ask me anything” event!

Are you still trying to work out what you can claim on your return? Maybe you just need to ask one tiny question to make sure you get your lodgment right. With only one month left to lodge, now’s the time to find out!

Join our special guest contributors on Tuesday 3 October between 12noon-2pm (AEDT) to ask those curly q’s and get an answer in real time.

You'll need a Community member account to post a question during the event. Setting one up is super quick and easy to do - we only ask for a username, email address and a password. Click the 'Register' button at the top to get started!

Please note - our House Rules will still apply during the AMA. We can provide links to general information, but we can't provide financial advice or access your personal tax accounts.

Click the "Remind me - ATO Community AMA" link in the box on the right to add a reminder to your calendar – we’ll send you a notification 30 minutes before the event so you don’t miss out!
We're looking forward to talking to you soon.