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Something bugging you?

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Bugs and issues

image.pngWe are keen to improve our community in any way we can.  For a number of reasons, community consultation is not an easy thing to do (but we’re thinking hard about it).  Also, we work in the background most of the time so we don’t use the site ‘as a user’ anywhere near as much as we’d like.  This means that we don’t always know when things stop working properly.

Sometimes, a bug will only appear in a certain browser or on a device of a certain size. We can’t test our site on every browser/device out there – there are just too many – so instead, we’d like you to help us out.  If you notice something wrong with the site, post your discovery to our bugs and issues board and we’ll look into it. 


image.pngThe same goes for ideas and/or suggestions.  We’d love to hear from you about things you’d like to see or improvements you think will help. You might have seen something on another site and think it’ll be good for the community.  We might not be able to do it, but then again, you never know!  But if you don’t tell us your idea, we might not think of it ourselves.

You can post your ideas to to our bugs and issues board too.


All feedback is good feedback - we’d love to hear from you.