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Support for sole traders and small businesses affected by COVID-19 (novel coronavirus)

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As part of the Australian Government’s economic response to COVID-19, we're taking a number of measures to support small businesses and sole traders who have been affected by COVID-19, including:



JobKeeper payment

The JobKeeper payment helps eligible employers so they can continue to pay their eligible employees and help them restart quickly when the crisis is over. Eligible employers will be able to claim payments of $1500 per fortnight per eligible employee. To find out if you’re eligible and to enrol visit JobKeeper payment.


Providing cash flow boosts for employers

From 28 April 2020, there will be two tax-free payments of between $20,000 and $100,000 for eligible businesses.

If you’re eligible, you don’t need to apply. These will be automatically credited to your account when you lodge your activity statement.

To find out if you’re eligible, visit Boosting cash flow for employers


Increasing the instant asset write-off

From 12 March until 30 June 2020, the instant asset write-off threshold is $150,000 and businesses with an aggregated turnover of less than $500 million are now eligible.

To check your eligibility, visit Instant asset write-off for eligible businesses


Accelerating depreciation deductions

If your business has an aggregated turnover of less than $500 million for 2019-20 and 2020-21, you can deduct the cost of depreciating assets at an accelerated rate.

To find out more, visit Backing business investment – accelerated depreciation


We can also offer tailored support for your needs and circumstances, including:


If you have a question about COVID-19 that we haven’t covered here, ask ATO Community.


If you're feeling overwhelmed or getting behind with your tax and super obligations, contact us as early as possible so we can work with you to find a solution.




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Hi Guys


I would like to know how will be the process to lodge the quarterly BAS for the March trimester and apply for  Boosting Cash Flow. I mean:


-We have to lodge the normal amounts and the ATO make changes to the BAS (I mean the 300% calculation)? or

- We have to make the calculation (I mean the 300% calculation) of the tax withheld? I lodge using the business portal and we can not type negatives numbers


Thanks for your help



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Regarding the Boosting Cash Flow for Employers; I understand from the website and Government that payments won't be credited to 28th April. 


For those lodging their business activity statement prior to the date, who get a debit balance to pay thier IAS and GST amounts, when will they know that those deit amounts will be credited back? Do they need to wait till the 28th of April? Will the accounts on the business portal be credited any earlier than the 28th of April?


I understand there is a lot to do to get this measure ready, but by giving employers certainty in advance of the 28th of April that they are entitled to credits, will allow them to start using those amounts now. I understand the media have asked the government about this, and the response was that businesses would know earlier, however guidance on the website does not match this. 


Looking forward to your response.


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HI @Alepriro 


Thanks for your comments, you are not required to do anything at all except lodge.


We will calculate everything for you.


Hope this takes a little bit of pressure of you in this stressful time.



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Hi @itbusinessowner ,


Thanks for getting in touch. We certainly appreciate that you would like certainty before the 28th April. We haven't been advised of any earlier dates yet but keep checking the link to the Cash boost information. 

As soon as any changes are shared with us we will update our informaiton.


All the Best



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As a sole trader I have registered with the ATO to receice payments.

What do I have to do next?

Will the ATO make payments through our tax record information or do we have to do anything else?

Please advice.

ATO Certified Response

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Hi @Arthur123,


Thanks for getting in touch - it's great to hear that you have registered already. We are currently working hard to provide JobKeeper information as quickly as possible.


The specific details for Sole Traders are still being finalised, and we will update the information as soon as it's available.


Keep an eye on our ATO Community newsfeed for updates and other useful information.


Stay safe,




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Hi @LizdeK 


I am a self-employed sole trader trying to apply for the jobkeeper for my business. Since I am self-employed, I actually has 0 emplyees. I think I made a mistake in application page by filling number of emplyees as 1 and there is no way to revise/modify that mistake.  I managed to log in business portal using mygovID but found these is no such revise/modify function in the form either. In step 1, my application was marked as "ENROLLED" with a tick next to it and there is no review or revise button I can use. I am not sure if I can change number anymore or have to wait till 4 May to manually to put myself as employee in the nomination form.


Could you please advice any revise/correct method to my previous error or a phone number that I can call to if a phone conversation is required.


Many thanks and best regards

ATO Certified Response

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Hi @xpllmmff 


Thanks for getting in touch with us.


We've received a similar question about how to amend your application over here, that we're looking into. Keep an eye on that thread as we'll update it as we find out more information.


Thanks for your patience

Stay safe




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Hi, Can you please advise how soletraders under the GST threshold who had their their 2018-19 returns lodged after the 12th of March can proceed with enrolment to the JobKeeper payment?
The page with eligibility requirements suggests that there will be commissioner discretion in these cases but theres no further info past the note that has suggested an update is forthcoming which has been in place for quite some time now.

The enrolment process doesn't allow enrolment to proceed if you declare that your return has been lodged after the 12th but the end of April is coming up fast and it is beginning to become stressful.
A look through the other forums shows that there are plenty of people in this situation but there doesn't appear to be any response to those posts and it would be great to get some clarification or even an idea of when we can look forward to the information update.