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That's a wrap!

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It’s been a massive year – since we started back in May, we’ve had 2300+ posts, over 550 atocertified responses and more than 1300 new members joining our Community.


We’re logging off now, but before we go…


  • @AmandaE,  @JodieH and @ClareH will be unplugging their keyboards over the break – we won’t be posting new comments, answers or atocertified tags until 2018.
    If you need answers to your tax and super questions in the meantime, type your keywords into the Search box, ask your fellow Community members and check out our main site at
  • We might not be posting, but we’ll still be here! We’ll keep checking in (even during our food comas), so if you see something that breaks House rules or Moderation Guidelines, let us know by clicking that ‘Report inappropriate content’ button.
  • If you’ve found our Community during your precious free time over Christmas/New Years – welcome! Our Community is full of awesome, helpful and knowledgeable people who volunteer their answers and insights on tax and super. Please be kind and respectful when you post and discuss – check out our Help and Support section for info on participating here.

To our seasoned Community members (hi @Tracey74, @SebReiter and @Bruce4Tax!)– thank you for taking the time to help out the new guys and showing them the ropes. We appreciate you more than you know.


Our contact centres and our social media teams will be out of office during this period as well. All our services will resume from 8am Tuesday 2 January 2018.


From all of us here in the Community Support team, happy holidays!!
🎅🏻 @KelbeM, 🎁 @ClareH, 🦌 @PaulATO, ☃️ @JodieH and 🎄 @AmandaE


Merry Christmas from ATO Community! (gifts in front of monitor with ATO Community screen in background)Merry Christmas from ATO Community! (gifts in front of monitor with ATO Community screen in background)