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Waiting to get through on the phone?

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We’re doing our best to help as many of you as possible but this is taking longer than usual due to the volume of calls we’re receiving.

While we work on measures to increase our phone support capacity, please keep trying to contact us by calling or posting your question on ATO Community.

Here is some information that may help you find the answer you’re looking for:

If you have a general question you can ask us here on ATO Community.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.



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Just few weeks back I have done my tax returner for 2018-19.


My gross income for 2018-2019 was $41 500

My TFB 16.922


Taxable income calculation

41.500 – 9.009.47= 32.490.53 is the  taxable income.


( Living expensse Cap $9010, The reportable Fringe Benefit amoun is calculated by the nett valu of $9.010 x the gross up rate 1.8868).


My HECS repayment should be calculated as below.


32.490 +16922 =49.412

My HECS repayment for the year should be $450.


The accountant made my gross as taxable income and now ATO wants me to repay $2500 on HECS

Need help how to can I rectifide the mistake as the oreginal accountant does not want to speak to me about it.


Thank you for your help.




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I have called a number of times regards my problems with myGovID and ATO is ansering the calls. this does not help to solve my problems.  


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I applied yesterday for Covid19 release fund and misread and misunderstood criteria. Would like to cancel my application due to misunderstanding. Have contacted my super provider today to cease release. Also need ATO to cancel application. Received text of application approval but have read criteria and do not fit criteria as I'm still working. Apologies forinconvenience and misunderstanding very difficult ringing. Cannot get through. Been trying all afternoon 


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@Mereana did you end up sorting this out?


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I am really frustrated in that i just am unable to contact someone direct and find out why my last Jobkeeper payment was on the 13th May, on the 1st June i completed the required stage 3 information, it came up ticked, so i assumed all was good, but since following up because i havent received any further payment to date, clicking on the stage 3 link i receive the same message to return after 72 hours....i have followed the request on four separate 72 hour breaks without the message changing....can i please have some one on one contact before i lose my mind???

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Hi @ Dropshot,


Thank you for your reply. I'm sorry to hear of the issues you are experiencing. We are unable to access account information via this forum, as such you would need to contact us to have the matter looked into.


Staff are working extended hours so you may call M-F till 8am -10pm and on the weekend 10am-4pm in your local state.


Hope this helps.