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Steps to back up your data in myDeductions (ATO app)

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We’ve updated the myDeductions tool in the ATO app to make it easier to backup and restore your data!

You can now connect the app to your iCloud or Google Drive. Update the app to connect.

Once you’ve connected to iCloud or Google Drive, backing up is easy. Just press ‘Back up’ on the myDeductions main screen (top left) and then ‘Back up to your iCloud/Google Drive’ on the next screen.

Restoring or deleting backup files (including photos) from iCloud/Google Drive is as easy as:

  • Tapping ‘Back up’
  • Selecting ‘Restore’, and
  • Choosing the backup file from the list at the bottom of the screen.

You can then choose to either ‘Restore’ or ‘Delete’ the file.

If you chose not to connect your iCloud/Google Drive straight away, you can still set it up later by:

  • Tapping ‘Back up’ on the my deductions main screen
  • Touch the link ‘Connect to your iCloud/Google Drive’ and follow the prompts. 

If you don’t use iCloud or Google Drive, you can still back up your data somewhere else safe. On the myDeductions main screen, select ‘Back up’ and tap ‘Or back up to another location’. Then choose your preferred location or service. 

You can restore a backup file from an alternate location by opening the relevant folder or cloud provider and selecting the file. Choose the ‘Export’ or ‘Open file’ option and select ATO app from the list.

Need more help? Check out the help icon in myDeductions for more about backing up and restoring your data, or ask our Community. 

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