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Community FAQs

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What's a...?


A thread is an online conversation. One conversation can be a single thread or split into multiple threads, depending on how or when the conversation changes direction or topic.


A board is a section of the Community where all conversations on a particular topic are grouped – for example, our General Tax board is where users can ask general tax questions. Boards help members locate threads that interest them.


Tags are keywords that members can attach (or "tag") to a thread, topic or use to help them find similar conversations or old threads. Tags help members locate content that interests them - the more members who add tags, the more searchable our Community becomes.


A badge is an icon that shows that a member of the Community has passed a particular milestone - for example, where a Community member has posted five or more questions to the Community.

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base articles contain information certified by the ATO on a specific topic (usually drawn from member questions, comments or responses). Knowledge Base articles can also be written by Community Support, Community Moderator or Community Manager if we see that certain topics are causing confusion amongst members.

ATO Certified post

A post will be flagged as "ATO certified" when it has been validated by the ATO as being technically correct.

Registered tax practitioner

If you see the below tag next to a user name in a post you can be sure the information is coming from a registered tax professional. If you're an agent, email us at atocommunity@ato.gov.au for more information on how to make your profile stand out!

Where can I find...?

The best answer

When a post has been answered and acknowledged as a "best answer", it will move from the "unanswered" to the "answered" section on the front page of the Community. A post will remain as "unanswered" until the original poster or our Community Support team marks a response as the "best answer".

Other Community member details

You can view user details by clicking on a community member's username. It will show you when they joined, badges they've received, any posts they've made and kudos they've received.

My rank

Your rank will be greyed out next to your username. Your rank will change over time as you interact more with the Community, posting questions and providing responses to others.

More information

Can't find what you're looking for – or have more questions? Email us at atocommunity@ato.gov.au and we'll do our best to find the answer and get back to you.

Tips and tricks

Like a post or article - thank the author!

If you find a post or article particularly helpful, why not "like" it and say thanks to the author? At the bottom of each post will be a "thumbs up" icon - click on this to "like" and say thanks to the author.

Think a comment needs review? Let us know.

If you see behaviour or posts that just aren't right, and you think the Community team needs to step in, let us know by clicking "Report as inappropriate" at the bottom of the post. Tell us why you think it is inappropriate and click "notify the moderator", and we'll review and moderate as required based on our house rules.

Have ideas or suggestions to help us improve? Send us feedback

Suggestions can be made at any time to help us make improvements. Simply select "feedback" on the top right hand corner of the home page. - ATO Community

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