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Hi, and welcome to our Community! We're here to help make tax and super easier. Make sure you read our terms of service. We've developed some guidelines to foster a positive, helpful environment.

Good manners don't cost anything, but they mean a lot

Please be patient, calm and kind to each other. We welcome a healthy discussion but if you disagree with a statement or idea, please challenge the information rather than the person providing it.

Do your homework

Material found in our Community has been written by our Community – we read all threads, but we can only vouch for the accuracy of ATO certified content as it is covered by our Commitment Statement. Some material applies to specific years or may have changed. It's worth checking or with a registered tax professional before you make decisions based on material you find here.

Stay on track

Sometimes conversations go 'off track' – and if you weren't there from the beginning, it can be hard to catch up. Make it easy for other members looking for answers by starting a new thread when you start a new conversation.

Stay safe online

Personal details – like your tax file number – are just as valuable as the money in your savings account. Do not disclose your personal information or share this information with others in the Community (including us!)

One person, one account

We're open, honest and transparent, so we ask the same of you. Using the one account across the Community makes it easier for us to provide feedback and send you kudos for your thoughts and recommendations!

Tax practitioners appreciation

Hello fellow tax enthusiasts! If you're a registered tax practitioner, your knowledge and experience is invaluable to our Community and we'd like to make sure everyone knows it. Email us at for info on how to make your profile stand out.


Hello fellow tax enthusiasts! You are our greatest asset – our knowledge and skill base. If you're interested in participating in our Community, familiarise yourself with our employee guidelines.

Time out!

Our manager and moderators are here to make sure that the Community is a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. There are certain behaviours we won't allow:

  • Posts that are inflammatory, threatening, abusive, defamatory, harassing or offensive
  • Posts that infringe on intellectual property rights (including copyright)
  • Posts that are unlawful or encourage others to take unlawful actions
  • Repetitive ('spam') posts
  • Posts that contain or link to viruses and other malware
  • Posts that offer commercial solicitations
  • Posts that misrepresent our staff, our Executive or the Australian Government.

If we find or are notified of a post that breaches these guidelines, we may decide to edit the post, delete it or call 'time out' by placing a block on a user's account. If there are multiple breaches, or where a post is highly offensive, we reserve the right to ban users from our Community permanently. Where we can, we promise to advise you of actions we've taken on your profile in writing. Read our moderation guidelines for more detailed information.

We may provide additional directions if we need to so we can maintain a safe and welcoming environment for everyone.

We promise to lead by example, and we want you to hold us accountable – after all, this is your Community too!

- Community Manager

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