Worried you’re missing part of your refund? Remember, the low and middle income tax offset isn’t a refund on its own – it’s used to offset (or reduce) the amount of tax you pay. The offset amount you may be entitled to is automatically applied and could range between $255-$1080, depending on things like your taxable income and how much tax you’ve paid.
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Welcome to our Community!

Hello fellow employees! You’re our greatest assets – our knowledge base and institutional memory. Thank you for coming to help our Community in your own time and of your own volition – we appreciate your drive and dedication.

Your statements and recommendations carry a lot of weight here, so we’ve written these guidelines to define our expectations of you, and what you can expect from us.

What we expect of you

  • Be truthful

Our approach to our Community is to be open, transparent and accountable. We ask that if you’re an ATO employee who chooses to write comments or post answers here, you let our Community know who you are. It’s as simple as adding a single sentence as a macro:


This is my personal view; I’m an ATO employee who chooses to help out here in my own time.


This shows that you take pride in your work and our community, and helps instil a sense of pride in others as well.

You can add macros to your account by scrolling over your username in the top right corner, selecting ‘My settings’ and clicking on ‘Macros’. Create a title for your macro and paste the sentence above into the ‘Macro 1’ field. And voila! You’re ready to post.


  • Be cooperative

Our Social Media CEI, APS Values and the APS Code of Conduct apply here, just as they do when you interact anywhere else. If we believe you’ve breached the CEI or Code of Conduct, we may  take action. Read the very important documents on myATO. If you’re not sure where to find them, have a chat with your manager.


  • Take reasonable care

When you provide information in the Community as an ATO employee (even with a disclaimer) the people you’re talking to have an expectation that this information is accurate and applies to their situation. We ask you to be mindful of this and take reasonable care when responding to or interacting with our Community. If you do decide to help out another Community member by suggesting an answer to their question, you might find it useful to refer them to content on – it’s our single source of truth, and makes it easier for them to find answers to other questions they might not have asked.


If you find yourself in an awkward situation in our Community (for example, another member asking you for confidential information), send an email to for help! We can assess the situation against our moderation guidelines and take the appropriate action.

What you can expect of us

  • Treat you fairly and reasonably

When you join our Community, we want your experience here to be positive and rewarding too! You’re automatically entitled to the same rights as any of our other members, and we promise to treat you fairly and reasonably. We also won’t tolerate any unwarranted negative comments from other Community members. Please report any negativity or bad behaviour to us and we’ll take any necessary action as per our Moderation Guidelines.
If you find that you need additional support due to your participation in the Community, you might find it helpful to speak with your manager or consider contacting our Employee Assistance program provider.


  • Help you to get things right

We know you’re here to help us out. It’s in our best interest to help you get things right! These employee guidelines are a living document. We know that we may need or want to make changes over time, and we value your input. If you have questions or recommendations to help us support you, update these guidelines or improve the Community overall, contact us by emailing


  • Explaining the decisions we make

If we need to take any action on your account, we promise to explain our reasons to you in writing. We’ll explain why we’re contacting you, which secton in the moderation guidelines apply and what action we need you to take to continue participating in our Community.


  • Respect your right to a review

If you disagree with any feedback or decisions we make about your account or behaviour, you have the right to request a review. You can contact our Community Manager to plead your case and ask us to reconsider our actions. Please note, though – the CM’s decision is final. 


That’s it! Don’t forget, if you have extra questions or comments about:


Thank you for joining us.

 – Community Manager