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Lodging your 2021 tax return

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‎21 June 2021 01:42 PM



Lodging your tax return for the 2020–21 income year doesn’t need to be complicated.  We have a range of resources to help you prepare and lodge online.

Find the answers to your top tax time questions

Last year, you asked the Community a range of questions about your tax and super affairs.

This year, we’ve compiled the answers to your top questions, like:

  • Do I need to lodge?
  • How do I find my TFN?
  • What deductions can I claim?

If you’re a business owner, you can also find the answers to your top questions, like:

  • How do I lodge my business tax return online?
  • How do I report COVID-19 support payments like JobKeeper?
  • What if I earn income from the sharing economy?

Talk it out with the Community

Lodged your return but unsure what happens next? We’ve got a dedicated discussion just for that! Jump in and ask the community your tax time questions or have a go at answering others.

After more information?

Head to our Tax time essentials page over on our website for more detail on lodging your 2020–21 income tax return.

If you need a little extra help with lodging your return this year, find out if you’re eligible for our Tax Help program.



I need to help


How do I do tax

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Hi @Ieli,

Let us know what questions you have, and we'll help you out.  You can also check out our Tax Time 2021 discussion thread that has lots of community discussion around this year's tax time.


Hi, my partner is on carers payment, what section do I include that on in my return? Does it go in the taxable income section?



I need hellp

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Kthm 

Yes, you'll need to report your partner's carers payment in the 'spouse details' section. More info is on our website - see myTax 2021 spouse details.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Tyrone22 

Let us know what you need help with Smiley Happy do you have a particular question?



It was my first time trying to claim my tax refund. But on my ATO account, it displayed that my Credit/ Tax withheld is 0, does that mean I don't have any available tax refund to claim for the year? 

Thank you so much,

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Hi @Dennis11,

I'll need a little more detail so that I can answer your question.  Were you an employee this last financial year, and did you have tax withheld from your take home pay?



Yes, I were an employee this last financial year, did you have tax withheld from your take-home pay? I have no idea about this question

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Hi @Dennis11,


Okay, if you earned more than $722 per fortnight then tax would have been withheld from your pay.  If tax was withheld, then you may get a refund.  It all depends on any deductions you might have and what levies or offsets apply to you. 

There's some great information on our how to do your tax page which will help.  We have a range of other articles for people new to our tax system that may help as well.