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Managing prior year tax returns in myTax

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‎22 July 2020 12:38 PM

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This year, you may have noticed an outstanding prior-year tax return in ATO Online Services.

You can still lodge your 2020 tax return, but you should check if you had a lodgement obligation for that year. You can do this using the ‘do I need to lodge tool’.

If you needed copies of your income statements or payment summaries you can find instructions on how to get copies of your tax documents on our website.

If you don’t need to lodge

In some circumstances, you may not need to lodge a tax return for a given year. For example, if you were not working that year or did not have any tax withheld. In this case, you can submit a ‘non lodgment advice’ form, either through myGov, over the phone or with a paper form.

If you do need to lodge

If you are required to lodge a tax return, for example if tax has been withheld, or you earned above the tax free threshold for that year or for other reasons, we encourage you to complete your prior year tax return as you may be due a refund. Make sure you only claim work-related expenses or other deductions where you have a record to substantiate your claim.

If you owe money

If you owe tax for a prior year, you will receive instructions about payment. If required, we can work with you to help sort things out, for example by setting up a payment plan. More information on getting help with paying can be found on our website.

Prior year income tax schedule and forms can be accessed on our website.

As always, if you have any questions you can ask our Community!