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a month ago

Avatar_widget.pngWe have added a widget to our main pages that shows you a summary of your activities/status in the community.  This summary is only visible to you.  It shows:

   - Your username

   - Your rank

   - The number of posts and solutions you’ve contributed

   - The number of likes and badges you’ve received.


Your rank

Your ‘rank’ is based on your activities.  The more you participate in community discussions (providing replies/answers, liking responses from others, etc) the higher your rank.

Earning badges

You can earn badges by replying to posts, liking the replies/answers provided by other members, other people liking your replies, and having your replies accepted as solutions to problems.

Birthday badges

Speaking of badges, for our second birthday, we’ve ‘gifted’ existing members with ‘birthday’ badges:

  • If you joined the community in 2017, you’ll get a ‘founding member’ badge
  • If you joined before our first birthday, you’ll get a ‘first birthday’ badge
  • If you joined before our second birthday, you’ll get a ‘second birthday’ badge


We’d love to hear from you!  Let us know what you think by posting your feedback on our bugs and issues discussion group.

Please ensure there is no personal information, reference numbers (eg TFN) or financial data in your post.