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Re: Refund Cancelled but Notice of Assessment Issued??

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My refund has been cancelled twice now according to my tax account status. But I have already been issued my Notice of Assessment. There is no issue or change to my bank details and I've triple checked this now. I was sent an SMS last Friday and it is now 3 business days later but no payment to my bank account.


My refund was cancelled last week as well when I checked my account status. When I called the consultant was very unhelpful, put me on hold for 10min and then said "someone will call you in 2 weeks" and ended the call - I asked him to check case notes or systems or anything that would indicate an error and he said he couldn't help. Not only is there an issue on ATO's end but there appears to be no effort to let taxpayers know of this let alone assist with simple queries.


There is clearly an issue here and I'm certain I am not the only one experiencing this - how do I lodge a complaint to get this escalated? It isn't even the issue of missed payment but rather the negligence that is most concerning in this case. 



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Hi @MithsTax


Tax returns can display differing 'status' messages at the user end when manual checks/updates are being made (may even temporarily show as 'cancelled'). In most cases people just need to wait, as it can take a month to finalise in these instances - check out the first two sentences on this page.




I recognise you're point and experience outlined above - if you've been issued with an NOA, and if you've called and you aren't satisfied with the service provided, complaints process is here.


Hope it's sorted soon.


(Disclaimer - ATO employee here voluntarily - thoughts are my own).




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Thanks Miccles.

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