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Re: fees



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this is my 2nd email today.  i just cancelled my xero subscription because no one will talk to you on the phone.  and myob want $125 a month for the right for you to use their system to load up the file to the tax office.  if there are 700,000 employers who are going to have to use this system, did the ato think about the implications of the fees that would charged and how much money these organisations are going to make.  if 350,000 employers use myob, then that is $43 million a month in fees, and xero at $50 a month, will be $17 million.  i think this is disgusting.   the ato, has got to do a simplier system for single employers or those with only 2 employees.  small employers just don't need this extra cost and paper work.    i am venting my anger and i am hoping that some other user out there can help, because right now, i absolutely refuse to use this new system as it stands. carol 02 60 267 021.



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Hi @carol1


Check this link out.


I suspect it won't solve all your concerns, but STP will ultimately streamline reporting for employers and employees, provide the ATO with more timely data, and hopefully help to reduce the appalling rates of super gaurantee non-compliance.


Employees will also be able to see their year-to-date tax and superannuation information online in real-time via MyGov.


Hope you find an affordable solution soon.








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Further to my msg yesterday, I saw this post from MYOB last night..... nothing concrete yet. 


I have no affiliation with or leanings towards MYOB whatsoever - just thought the (potential) offering looks quite reasonable. Maybe keep an eye on that too.....



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