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Re: Cant link business in RAM

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This is just unacceptable.  How hard can it be for our government to resolve technical issues like this?  For 2 months or more the system has been non-operational and calling the ATO puts you in a queue that is at least a half hour long!!!


We live in a highly taxed country - with high taxes come high expectations.  Time to write to the Commissioner's boss.


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Given it has been ages now, just tell everyone out there that the system will not be coming back in the near future.


This way we will all know where we are at and necessarily will have to find a different solution. But this waiting game not knowing if it will be up within the next week or two is really frustrating.




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Our director was on hold for 30 mins trying to link business and once through was told he isn't a listed director (even though ASIC have these details). How do we work around this? 


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@JoshH Is there any email address that can handle requests? I just need to submit nil tax returns but cannot get hold of anyone on the phone. 

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Hi @Magnifii,


Unfortunately we won't be able to use email for as it's not a secure enough form of communication and we'll need to verify your identity. If you're having trouble getting through you may want to try earlier in the morning or later in they day.

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the linking service is still unavailable, it has been almost half of year. Smiley Sad Smiley Mad


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Is it the case that the link business in RAM is still not available? 


Just want to be sure before asking directors to do calls with 

Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM)  

1300 287 539
(option 3)






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Hi @Vince24


Yes - the system maintenance has been extended for the online 'link your business' function in RAM.


To have your business manually linked in RAM, please contact our support team.


The contact number you have is correct and can also be confirmed on the Contact us page on our website.


Hope this helps,




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Is the RAM Self-service business linking coming back or not ? It has been down for 5 months now and no one is giving a clear cut answere as to what has been going on. I tried to link my business for months now and have been unable to. I  was on the phone over an hour on multiple ocassions and was unable to reach someone. Can someone just please give a clear answere on what is going on

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Hey Bec, I had the same problem today. A manintencance issue apprently. If you give them a call on 1300 287 539 they will give you code to access.

Cheers, JayDee