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Re: Unitax TFN scam


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Its great that you monitor and respond to these posts and I understand how difficult it is where it is "not illegal". And it's true the ATO does make it clear that it's free - if you know where to look. And it's true Google are to blame for allowing the promotion of grubs.



It's not great though that you refer to the Tax Practitioners Board in a tone that infers the "regulate" "professionals". As per my prior posted notes, everyone should realise that the Tax Practitioners Board "compliance" department will do absolute nothing, despite being aware, and despite Blind Freddy seeing that Unitax is an unethical scam that the ATP actively perpetuates and thereby condones. So they don't regulate and (some of) the people they represent are not "professional".  Unitax  is an obvious abuse that demonstrates a lack of ethics and judgement and resolve by that Board. Countless other industries have tidied up there own standards but not, apparently, the tax industry. An industry that welcomes, condones, and counts as its member and alumni - a pack of utter grubs. 



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Hi @Rheinmetall 


Thanks for taking the time to get back in touch with us.

We’re sorry if our latest response doesn’t match up with the experience you’ve had with the Tax Practitioners Board.  If you’re not happy with the way the Board handled your complaint, we’d encourage you to fill out their general enquiry form.  


It’s also disheartening for us to hear your disappointment in the tax industry. Integrity of the tax and super systems is important to us, so please know we don’t take your feedback lightly. If you’re interested, our Taxpayers' Charter outlines the relationship we seek to have with the community – a relationship based on mutual trust and respect. Your rights, obligations and how to be heard are key factors in this relationship.


It’s great that you found some clear information on our website about tax file number’s being free. If you have any other feedback about our pages on, we’d love to hear it! We’re always keen to hear about ways we can improve our services so you can find what you need online.


Speaking of which, did your son end up getting his tax file number? 


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@KylieATO @Acctable Pretty sure that "filling in a form" - back to the same people who allows grubs to operate under their guidelines, and then dismiss the issue - is going to have precisely zero effect. 

And I think you know that too. 

You've helped describe exactly the problem: while people are getting scammed by a weakness in the system the ATO runs, and the TPB are "regulating" (although facts alone would question that) the solution on offer is ticking a box, and filling in a form - after that already was shown to fail. Seriously....


How about this: why don't you raise the issue at your ethics committee? Why doesn't the Chair or your Ethics Committee call their peer at the ATB and say "Look - there is a wolf in sheep clothing here. Doing the wrong thing. And we get lots of complaints about it from honest people being abused by a weakness they can see, and we can see. I think you need to investigate these Grubs and Unitax - and at a minimum - review whether they have correctly disclosed on their much credentialed website - in bold and as an active acknowledgement, that getting a TFN is free and from the ATO website (insert link). That way, if they truly are a legitimate business as defined by your industry standards, people will be happy to pay for that great service". 

How hard would that be? Not hard at all. 

Maybe try that instead of "filling in a form"?

Maybe help fix the known problem from within. You have the resources. That's why we pay tax in the first place. 

That might just help the next victim. Wouldn't that be a great measure of success?



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Thanks again @Rheinmetall we really appreciate your feedback.


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thanks @KylieATO 

Likewise -  really appreciate you taking some affirmative action.