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Company and super fund 2019 deferrals extended to 5 June and 30 June respectively.


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The ATO are referring to this change of these due dates as a deferral which is confusing some tax agent employees.


Can the agent assessed 28 day deferral still be applied for from 5 June and 30 June?


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These are not SAP's.  


The ATO has deferred 2019 returns for companies due to lodge and pay 15 May to 5 June, and super funds to 30 June.


Are we able to request the Agent Assessed Deferral from 5 June and 30 June or do they have to be Agent Assessed Deferrals?



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Hi @DebH


Thanks for getting back to us and for your patience.


Hopefully you have resolved this matter since you posted. If not, we can advise that based on the information on our website, the 5 June date is not available for agent assessed deferrals as it is not a lodgment due date under the lodgment program.


For more information about due dates for agent assessed deferrals, have a look at our website.


This is because tax returns that are due on 15 May are already provided with a concessional lodgment and payment date of 5 June. It is reasonable to assume that the same applies to the 30 June deferred due date for super funds.


If you have any more questions about this, we suggest that you phone us.


Hope this helps.


Thanks, Chris