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myGovID and RAM for tax professionals

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As AUSkey retirement approaches on 27 March 2020, we've had a lot of questions about myGovID and Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM). Both myGOVID and RAM will work together to provide authorised persons with access to Online services for agents and Standard Business Reporting (SBR) enabled software.

Find answers to some of the commonly asked questions:

Tax professionals conversations - our focus in 2020

Our expert panel discussed our digital services and myGovID.

How Do I Access myGovID?

You will need the myGovID app which is available to download from the Google Play or Apple App Store. It is compatible with most smart devices using Nougat 7.0 or later (Android) or iOS 10 or later (Apple).

Why can’t I log in from a desktop?

There will be no desktop version for myGovID. Your myGovID is unique to you and uses the security and identification features of your smart device to protect your identity and help stop other people accessing your information.

It’s important to understand that myGovID allows you to log on to an online service from any browser, or device that is supported eg. Firefox, Chrome, PC, laptop or tablet.

Modern security standards require extra security to verify that the person who is logging in is who they say they are. This is why myGovID is a credential that is unique to a real person, not a computer.

What if I don’t have mobile phone reception in my office?

You don’t need mobile phone coverage, just an internet connection like when accessing government online services.

If staff members go overseas or work remotely, they’ll still be able to access the myGovID app, as long as they have an internet connection.

Will the smart device I use for myGovID be tax deductible?

If you use your own device or internet for work purposes, you may be able to claim a deduction. As long as you paid for these costs and have records to support your claims. If you use your phone or internet for both work and private use, you will need to work out the percentage that reasonably relates to your work use. Read more about claiming mobile phone, internet and home phone expenses.

I’m receiving error messages, where can I go for help?

Check out the information on the myGovID and RAM help pages which will assist you to solve most errors.

I already have a myGov account, aren’t I already set up?

No, myGovID is different to myGov. Your myGov account is how you access government online services, like the ATO. Your myGovID proves who you are before you can access them.

My name is different on some of my identify documents, what do I do?

Your name needs to match across all of your identity documents in order to set up a myGovID. Have a look at the Proving your identity tab on the myGovID help page for more information if your documents don’t match.

Is a Standard identity strength all I need to login to Online services for agents?

Yes, you can set up a myGovID with a Standard identity strength by providing two of the following Australian identity documents:

  • passport
  • driver’s licence
  • Medicare card
  • birth certificate.

Offshore employees can also gain standard identity strength, as long as they can provide two of the above Australian identity documents.

I can’t set up standard identity strength on myGovID.

We’re working on an option for people unable to achieve the standard identity strength needed to access our online services.

We have all the information about accessing our online services with a Basic myGovID and what you need to do on our website.

What if a staff member loses their phone or it’s stolen?

Staff will need to install the myGovID app on their new device and prove their identity again. myGovID is protected by the security settings on your phone (such as screen lock). As well as the password or biometric security process you have applied to lock the myGovID app.

If you suspect someone has inappropriately accessed your personal information in myGovID, you’ll need to contact us to report this immediately.

How do I manage my practice in RAM?

Find out how to link your practice Australian Business Number (ABN) in RAM and authorise others to act on behalf of your practice at You must be the principal authority (business owner or listed associate on the Australian Business Register) to link your ABN to your myGovID

Is my client’s and my information secure?

myGovID uses the security technology on your phone such as your fingerprint, face or password in combination with additional encryption and cryptographic technology.  Further information is on the myGovID website.

Will this mean my employer has access to my identity documents?

No, your employer cannot access your identity documents.

Can I monitor and limit when my staff have access to myGovID authorisations?

We will be releasing an audit log function in Access Manager. This will show agents who has used their myGovID and RAM authorisations. 

You should contact us if you suspect someone has fraudulently accessed client information or transacted on behalf of your organisation where they shouldn’t have. We can provide information to assist with your investigation.

I own multiple businesses, how is the security set up around this?

Your myGovID is unique to you so you only need one.  You can use it on multiple devices and for both personal and business matters. You can link your myGovID to multiple businesses (i.e. if you have your own ABN and work for a tax agent).

Once the principal authority has linked their business in RAM, they can request to authorise you to work on behalf of that business. You'll receive an authorisation code via email (this can be a different email to the one you used for myGovID) and then you can log into RAM to accept or decline the request. This process will need to happen for each business you work for.

What are machine credentials?

You’ll need to create a machine credential if you:

  • are a digital service provider who offers cloud-based SBR-enabled software. You’ll need to install it on your server to enable software authentication by third-party users.
  • use desktop or locally hosted software. This performs the same function as an Administrator or Standard AUSkey in your software. Your digital service provider will let you know when your software has been updated.

If you use cloud-based SBR-enabled software, you will not need to create a machine credential. Instead, your digital software provider will install it on their server.

This page on machine credentials will give you a step by step guide.

My practice operates through a trust, how do I complete the linking process?

If you’re the principal authority for a business, you’ll need to link your myGovID to your ABN in RAM. Then you can access government online services.

Entities that don’t have an eligible individual associate will need the primary person to contact us to complete this process. For example, if you are a director of a trustee company, you will be required to contact the ATO to manually link your business in RAM.

When a client calls, a staff member will:

  • Complete a proof of record ownership check on the caller
  • Check the ABN of the business that needs to be linked
  • Complete checks to confirm their association to the business in registers such as the ABR or ASIC
  • Linking the business will trigger an authorisation request containing a code that you need to accept in RAM within 7 days.

The primary person can also choose to submit an ‘Assistance to link ABN’s in RAM’ form.

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Or for more information to help tax professionals with the move to myGovID and RAM is available at videos and factsheets.


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