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Re: lLodged and Balancing to now a status of Lodge

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I lodged my tax return ont he 2nd July and checked the status yesterday 9 July to say balancing to then check last night and it  now says lodge.  When I click on the lodge button it says I already have.  Is there a glitch in the system and now I can't see any progress on my return.  Anyone else have this problem and what was the outcome?  I am ringing ATO in the morning.  Thanks



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Exact same things happened to me!
Keep me updated with what they say please 😁


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I will keep you posted



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Hi @ieshat & @Younganddumb


I logged in to my MyGov last night to check my return also and had the same issue. I have checked this morning and it is back to normal, I would say it was a system issue that is now sorted.


Regards, Tracey

Please note this is my personal view; I’m an ATO employee who chooses to help out here in my own time


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Hi @Tracey74 & @Younganddumb


Spoke to the ATO this morning and they advised that my return is lodged and processing and she could see it.  They could not answer why it has returned to a status of lodge within the application but will forward on the issue.  My husband's tax return is now saying the same thing so I am assuming it is a system issue.  Mine is still saying lodge after checking this morning.  I was told it takes 12 - 14 days for it to process so if I see nothing by then to call back.  I will be checking again on Thursday to see if it has corrected itself.  


If you hear anything different please let me know. I will keep you posted with updates.



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@ieshat & @Younganddumb


This link is handy to understand the processing of returns as well, https://www.ato.gov.au/Individuals/Lodging-your-tax-return/Tracking-your-refund-or-fixing-a-mistake/

The following stages may be shown when you check the progress of a return:


In progress – Processing

We have received the return and processing has started.


In progress – Information pending

We are obtaining further information necessary to complete processing of the return. We will contact you if necessary.


In progress – Under review

We are reviewing your tax affairs. This may include prior-year assessments. We will contact you, if necessary.


In progress – Balancing account

We are balancing the result of processing your return with your tax accounts and calculating the amount we need to refund or you need to pay.


In progress – Processing

We are generating the notice of assessment and any associated refund where an estimated issue date is shown.


Issued – $ Amount

We have issued your notice of assessment. The result of this notice of assessment and the issue date will be shown in our online services.



Please note this is my personal view; I’m an ATO employee who chooses to help out here in my own time


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Hi @Tracey74


Thank you, Unfortuntaely I cannot see any status now - it just says "DUE" .  According to customer service they do not know why the "Progress of your assessment" page has defaulted back to this.  It was at Stage 4 "Balancing Account".  Apparently it is lodged and processing behind the scenes but I cannot track it now.  My husbands is now the same.


Perhaps their is a system error or glitch?




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