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Re: Got feedback? Share it with us!

Provide feedback

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We’re always looking to improve ATO Community and your feedback is important to us. It’s you – the community – who are at the heart of the forum and we’d love you to tell us where we can do better.


Please provide feedback on our bugs and issues board to share any annoyances you find or improvements you’ve come up with. We're listening and ready to take action!


The ATO Community team Smiley Wink



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You do realise that you can not ask a question or suggest an improvement there.



Community Support

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Thanks for pointing that out @macfanboy - that's the kind of feedback we’re looking for!

We’re investigating why the “provide feedback” button in the bugs and issues board is…well…bugged. We’ll keep you updated.


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So this is still not working and the DASP online application is showing a Fatal System Error, is there any update on this too? It’s been like it all week when clicking the submit button at the end of the application.

Community Support

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Hi @TomNolan,


Thanks for letting us know.


We are working on it  and will update you as soon as we can.






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The provide feedback button has been fixed. You can now use it to report any issues or bugs you come across. Thanks for bringing this up @macfanboy and @TomNolan. We look forward to receiving your feedback.

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