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Re: GST Registation

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When I register for GST, will my liability extend back to the beginning of the financial quarter that registration is accepted if the 2nd or more advanced or to the beginning of the financial year



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You should register for GST within 21 days of being required. But it depends on the business you undertake,

Like driving Taxi's or for Uber



But if you are late you still register from when you ought too. However they may be penalties and or interest for not registering ontime.


So in short you need to figure out when you need to register and do it from that date. Back dating your registration is possible.




Please note this is my personal view; I’m an ATO employee who chooses to help out here in my own time.


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Many thanks



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@Coffee_unspilt  When you say it's possible to back date, is it acceptable to the ATO to do it? And is there a special process? Or can I just put in the backdated date in the GST form where it's asking for a 'date of registration'?  I'm hoping to be able to reclaim some GST from items I've purchased since starting my business in March, but am only registering for GST now so am not sure if it's possible.

Any help/advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!



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Hi there EvieGNK

No special process.

If you are registering, put the date you started or will start trading on a GST basis for.


If you are already registered and want to back date the registration you need to call us, have your ABN or TFN ready with a reference number from an ATO letter or Notice of yours when you call.

As we may need to generate activity statements for the periods that have passed.


Please note this is my personal view; I’m an ATO employee who chooses to help out here in my own time.
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