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How to update your Community profile

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Looking to personalise your account? Make your profile your own by updating your details on your profile and changing your profile picture!        

The basics

Let’s start by clicking on your username in the top right-hand corner of the website and select ‘My settings’. From settings, you can update your personal profile and switch your avatar.

Personal Profile

Your personal profile allows you to keep your account safe and choose what you share. You can choose to change your:

  • email address
  • password
  • personal information (including your real name, location and personal email. Please keep in mind that this information is public and searchable)
  • your login options - set up your personal computer to automatically log you in, or turn off auto-login on public computers.
Email.pngScreenshot of email preferences in personal profile


Your avatar is the icon or figure that represents your profile in the Community. We’ll automatically allocate a random avatar when you create your profile, but you can change your avatar as often as you like by selecting from the available options.

Avatar.pngScreenshot of avatar (profile picture) options

The best part is that updating your avatar is super simple. Just go to ‘My settings’, select the ‘Avatars’ tab and click on your preferred option.


Next steps

Now that you have the basics down, we have some additional feature you might be interested in. If you’re looking into a particular tax topic, or want to get alerts when our Community members post on a certain thread or article, you can set up useful tags, subscriptions and bookmarks so you can stay up-to-date!


Tags make it easier to sort and categorise groups of threads and articles on specific topics. Tags are hyperlinked so you can find groups of posts about that topic with a single click.

If you’ve added tags to articles, you can keep track of tags you’ve used before and add/delete them from the ‘My settings’ tab under your account. Select the ‘Tagging’ tab from the menu to review, edit and update.

Tagging.pngScreenshot of tagging options in personal profile

Subscriptions & Bookmarks

Stumbled across an interesting article? Maybe you want to keep an eye on a particular post. You can choose to get alerts on new content by subscribing to a particular board or bookmark topics and posts.

You can opt to subscribe or bookmark on any post you find on the Community. If you’ve forgotten what you’ve signed up for, you have the option to edit and delete bookmarks and subscriptions in your settings. Click on ‘Email Subscriptions Options’, check the topics you want to delete, then click ‘Delete Selected Subscriptions’. It will then ask you to ‘confirm’ you want to delete the email subscription.

Subscriptions.pngScreenshot of subscription and bookmark options in personal profile



More familiar with forums? Use the ‘Preferences’ tab to set up your preferred look and feel. The ‘Preferences’ section lets you decide how to lay out threads, displays, language and privacy settings to help you search and find content faster.


Our ‘Help and Support’ knowledge base is here to answer frequently asked questions about how the Community works. Check out our other articles on our house rules and navigating around the Community while you're here!


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