Worried you’re missing part of your refund? Remember, the low and middle income tax offset isn’t a refund on its own – it’s used to offset (or reduce) the amount of tax you pay. The offset amount you may be entitled to is automatically applied and could range between $255-$1080, depending on things like your taxable income and how much tax you’ve paid.
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Re: My employer claims it made mistaken super payment


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Hi Jodie,

That's great, thanks for the (much appreciated!!) support. I will keep you updated.


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Hi again everybody, hope you're well.

My former employer urged me to accept the payment consent form and they confirmed they will not engage with the super fund until I sign the consent form.

Since they want to recover the (supposedly) overpaid amount in full, I would like to know whether the recovery is going to be financial neutral for me, as I would expect (i.e., I receive 1000, I return 1000, no tax implication).


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Hi @choffan


If you contact your fund they should be able to explain the process and whether or not there are consequences within your fund.


Generally, extra super payments are recorded as reportable employer super payments on your payment summary/Income statement. If the employer is recovering the money though you shouldn't see this so I expect there'd be no issues.


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great, thanks!